Day Five: Benevento

We began our journey today in Sant’Agata de’Goti the pro loco, Professor Claudio Lubrano. In 553 AD the Goths set up a colony here and this town is now considered one of Campania’s most interesting with a medieval centre, Romanesque churches and many works of art. We visited two churches where Professor Lubrano explained the… Continue Reading

Day Four: Avellino

The focus of today’s trip was not historic sites and wine tasting, but something equally, if not more, important – food. A Michelin Star chef, Antonio Pisaneillo currently owns and operates the Cena Culinary School in Nusco. This talented and spirited chef taught our group how to make four types of pasta, all of which… Continue Reading

Day Three: Caserta

It began as a rainy morning in Dugenta, but the focus of our trip was to tour the historic palace known as the “Versailles of Italy.” Reggia di Caserta is a 1200-room royal palace constructed in the 18th century by the Barone family. The marble staircase had been famously seen around the world in two… Continue Reading

Day Two: Salerno

For our second day on our tour, we took a journey to the province of Salerno. This time we began our journey at Marino Vineyard. Home to 30 hectres of land, the farm “Marino” was founded in 1977, which includes specialized vineyards and olive groves. The owner took us for a tour of the vineyard,… Continue Reading

Day One: Naples

After a delicious breakfast at Torre Gaia, our group boarded a bus to visit the ancient city of Pompeii. This famous Roman city had been buried by volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Until the late 1500’s, the site had been lost in history. Today, only a third… Continue Reading

We Have Arrived…

Today our friends arrived from around the world to join us for our second tour of Campania, Italy. Some came from straight from the United States11 to Naples, others toured the different cities of Italy, but all have come for the same thing – a unique and intimate experience with Salvatore and Maryann Diliberto as… Continue Reading

Life in Roma

Sal and Maryann Diliberto are preparing for the May 2016 tour by visiting Italy for the month of January. Before heading to Campania later this month, they are spending some time in the beautiful city of Rome. Here are some glimpses into their stay in the city packed with history, food, and of course, wine.… Continue Reading