Each day, beginning on Monday, we will be visiting one of the 5 Provinces of Campania – Avellino, Benevento, Caserta, Napoli, and Salerno.

Our visit to each Province will include a tour of a historic site, a visit to a winery, and lunch in the Province. In the evening we will return to Tenute del Gheppio where our wine-pairing dinner will include wines from the Province we visited that day. The details of each day’s itinerary are as follows:

Arrive at the Rome Airport in the morning and meet at the Diliberto Wine Tours hospitality suite at the Hilton Hotel Fiumicino. The hotel is connected to all of the airport terminals, making it easy to access. Our bus will pick us up at 12 noon and bring us to Dugenta in the Province of Benevento. There will be a welcome buffet waiting for you when you arrive at Tenute del Gheppio.

At 7:30 p.m. after settling in your room and resting, the group will meet in the dining room. At that time, your hosts will go over the itinerary with you and answer any questions you may have about the trip.

A wonderful wine-pairing dinner will be served, and you can relax and have the chance to get to know your fellow travelers.

Breakfast begins at 7AM. Our bus arrives at 8AM and we will depart by 8:30 for Herculaneum. After our guided tour, we travel by bus to Sorrentino winery in Boscotrecase in the Province of Napoli lying in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. At Sorrentino we will enjoy a delicious wine pairing lunch and then board our bus to return to Dugenta.

Dinner will be at 7:30 p.m., and we will enjoy wines from the Province of Napoli with our meal. After dinner we will show the Italian comedy film Benvenuti al Sud. (Welcome to the South)

After breakfast our bus arrives at 7:30 a.m. and will take us to the ancient Greek city of Paestum. Our guide will take us on a journey back in time to the year 550 BC, as we view the magnificent temples built at that time and are still standing.

After our tour of Paestum, we depart for Agropoli in the Province of Salerno. We will arrive at Azienda Marino where we will tour the vineyard and winery with the owners. After our tour, we will enjoy a a wine pairing lunch with Marino wines grown in the soil of the Cilento forest area.

We return to Dugenta along with wines from Salerno for our evening wine pairing dinner, and we bring back the famous Buffalo Mozzarella to enjoy with the meal as well.

After breakfast our bus will take us to The Royal Palace in Caserta. Constructed in the 18th century for Bourbon Kings, this 1200-room palace with it’s two kilometer long gardens dwarfs Versailles.

After our guided tour we travel to Pontelatone to visit the magnificent Alois winery. We will sample wines in the barreling room and follow with a wine pairing lunch in their fabulous glass enclosed dining room.

After our lunch we will tour the vineyard and return to Dugenta. Of course our evening meal will include wines from the Province of Caserta.

Following breakfast our bus will take us to the town of Sorbo Serpico in the Province of Avellino. There we will visit the world renowned Feudi di San Gregorio Winery, which produces some of the finest wines in all of Campania. The Marenna Restaurant, which is on the premises has a Michelin Star. After our arrival we will take a guided tour of the winery, followed by a magnificent wine tasting. Then Chef Paolo Barrale will prepare an amazing wine pairing luncheon just for us based on seasonal produce.

That evening we will enjoy Feudi di San Gregorio wines with our dinner.

After breakfast we travel to the city of Benevento in the Province of Benevento. There, our guide will walk us in the footsteps of the Roman Army that marched on the Appian Way from Rome to Brindisi. In Benevento, almost 2000 years ago, the Emperor Trajan built an arch in his own honor to celebrate his addition to this historic road. Along with the Arch of Trajan we will also take a tour of the Teatro Romano, as well as the Church of Santa Sofia built by the Lombards in the year 750 AD.

After our tour of Benevento we travel to the city of Sant’ Agata de’ Goti. There we will visit the Mustilli Winery and tour their wine cellar carved more than 50 feet below the streets of the town in the 1700’s. We will enjoy a lovely wine pairing lunch after our tour and visit some of the quaint shops in town.

Later that night after our final wine pairing dinner we will enjoy music and singing to complete our tour.

Our tour ends after breakfast, and our bus will leave for Rome at 9 a.m. For those who wish to continue their vacation in other parts of Italy, we can help make alternate transportation arrangements.


*Tour schedule and itinerary is subject to change

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